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Different Types of Drug Rehab Treatment Leads – Not All Leads are Equal

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With so many addiction treatment centers in the marketplace all competing for paying customers you can easily figure out that finding and landing a paying client is a big deal. We will attempt to share with you some of the different types of drug rehab leads and which ones tend to be higher quality than others and why.

Bought Drug Rehab Leads – Fast and Expensive

Bought drug rehab leads can come in many different forms. For example, they can be “internet leads” coming from referral websites often times directory sites. They can be SEO or PPC leads. They can also come from radio and television advertisements. The good news about these leads is they are plentiful. The bad news is they are typically generic. The caller knows nothing about your addiction treatment facility or clinic. This requires the admissions person or the call center to try and convince the caller that their rehab is the best place for the caller. The biggest problem with many radio and television leads are the callers are tire kickers and are making an impulse call vs. doing research and actually learning the best facility for loved one who is an addict.

Even a bigger problem for bought leads is the cost. They are expensive. The calls can come with something called “buffers.” Buffers are time slots like 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 120 seconds. Basically, the idea is the admissions person has up to 30 or 120 seconds to qualify the caller to see if they have insurance or the ability to self-pay for their treatment. The longer the buffer the more expensive the call or the lead. Expect to pay $50 -$250 per call.

Drug Rehab PPC Leads – Google, Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click Leads

Here is another group of leads that can provide the addiction treatment center with “instant gratification” in the leads department. It is easy to turn on PPC leads and get the phone ringing in a matter of days. If you don’t know what you are doing it will cost you a small fortune. These leads are bought on a pay per click basis, not on a pay per call basis. If a Google user clicks on your ad it can cost your rehab $5 – $125 per CLICK! This not even a lead or a call to your rehab. Google reshuffled the deck in 2017 by limiting the inventory and the keyword volume that rehabs can purchase since so many rehabs and affiliates were engaging in deceptive practices in trying to gain new clients. Expect to pay $50 to $500 per call. (We’ve even seen some inept rehabs pay $1,000’s per call).

Drug Rehab SEO Leads –Best Quality Leads and Hardest to Come By

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEO is the “long game.” In other words, SEO is all about creating digital assets on the website. Assets like infographics, videos, e-books, white papers in-depth blog posts interactive quizzes and more. These digital assets add value to the website. These assets tend to be “evergreen” content. Meaning, content created today will generate calls tomorrow and into the next several years. You know you are really good at SEO content when other people share your content organically on the social networks. Expect to pay $5 – $100 per lead or call and there are literally hundreds of factors that will play into the costs.

Drug Rehab Chat Calls and Leads – Largest Growing Drug Rehab Lead Category

Chat leads are excellent for engaging the website visitor without asking them for a large commitment like a phone call or filling out a web form. Chat leads can be just as valuable as SEO leads because the drug rehab can collect a lot of information to take the prospect to the next step. The key here is to man the chat on the website. You can do this inhouse or outsource. Either way you need someone with a good script or experience to help the user to the next phase. Expect to pay somewhere similar to the SEO leads.

Drug Rehab E-Mail Leads – Super High-Quality Leads

Multi-Channel marketing includes email leads. All great marketing programs generate leads / calls customers from multiple different channels. Some channels are better than others however just like an investment portfolio you want a strong blend of leads coming in from multiple different sources. When a family or an addict signs up for your email list they are instilling trust in your company and your brand. They may not actually be in buying mode along their journey but in research mode first. However, when the email lands at the right time and there have been multiple different touch points with the family when they do make the call it tends to be the call that is a VOB or an admission call. Hard to put a cost per lead on email leads. The point here is if your are driving traffic to your website you want to list build and capture those names and email’s.

Drug Rehab Social Media Leads – Social Media the Untapped Lead Honey Pot

Generating leads on social media can be more art than science. We are seeing a lot of success with Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Some of these groups and pages can go viral and it is important that you have a marketing automation and CRM program in place to manage the volume. In all cases trust is the single biggest factor in getting people to raise their hand and ask for help from your rehab, especially on the social networks. The social networks also help in terms of SEO rankings as well. Google is paying attention to the number of followers, quality of friends, likes, shares etc. Expect costs per leads to run anywhere between $10 – $75 per lead in the social media category.

Drug Rehab Referral Leads Are the Gold Standard

Getting leads in from alumni, interventionists, board addiction psychiatrists, other treatment centers are the absolute best because they are basically WOM or word of mouth. It is very hard to put a price on the leads because it can take years or development to build the relationships. So, if you are going to hire a sales person make sure that they do have these relationships already in place.

Bottom Line For Drug Rehab Leads – Make Sure Your Business is Capitalized

Invest in building a “lead generating engine” for your drug rehab vs. paying for or buying leads. Building a multi-channel marketing effort with SEO, Social Media, Chat, Email and referrals is the smartest way to feed your business consistent revenue on an ongoing basis akin to teaching a man to fish. At the same time building a lead engine takes time and is not done overnight and can sometimes take a year or more to really crank up the volume.

Brief Overview on Drug Rehab and Treatment Center Marketing

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When the drug rehab and treatment center market seek to fill beds and fanny’s in seats in their IOP’s they know that their paying customers can have insurance reimburse at lucrative rates. If you are going in for a heart bypass operation you typically don’t have a lot of time to get a referral from a friend or your local physician because a bypass can be an emergency situation. When it comes to addiction treatment and selecting a drug rehab people tend to do their own online research and reach out to friends, doctors, interventionists, clergy, hospitals, etc. While in some situations there may be a sense of urgency there are typically a few days to decide where to go for treatment.

Drug Rehab Local Search Campaigns – Where Do Addicts and Their Families Search for Drug Treatment Centers?

If it is a first-time situation for treatment, families will look close to home. If this is the case then the treatment center really wants to make sure that they have a local search campaign that is strong and robust. For example, one of the most powerful links you can have is a Google Map. Why? Because Google Maps come up after Google Paid Search results. For example, if you do a search for Drug Rehab Marblehead you will see our sister website Addiction-Rep. This is valuable real estate.

This Google Map location should be where you get many of your calls off of the internet. It should be your strongest call volume organically unless you are buying paid traffic or unless you live in a small town without a traffic light.

Drug Rehab NAP – Name Address Phone Campaigns Building Trust with Google
Local search campaigns dovetail with NAP Campaigns. For example, there are many directory types of websites that are also trying to rank with Google. In order to have creditability with Google your listings must all be exactly the same. You want your address to read 123 Main Street, Suite #211, Anytown, NY 10036 vs. 123 Main St., STE 211, Anytown, NY 10036. To a computer these are two different addresses. We have taken the NAP to a whole new level in the drug rehab industry by listing many of the addiction treatment directories that you can build out your NAP listings on. The more listings you are on with consistent addresses the chances are they will help increase your overall page rankings.

SEO Building Drug Rehab Assets that Pay Dividends Now and into the Next Several Years

What we have been describing above is partially what we call “asset building” however we really aren’t adding a lot of valuable content. You will want to build content on your website that is valuable enough that other people will want to share. If the content is valuable Google will find it and if Google likes it they will make it available by indexing it in their search results for others to find. When we talk about assets we are talking about the following:

  1. E-Books
  2. Whitepapers
  3. Infographics
  4. Educational Videos
  5. Well written blog posts
  6. Presentations
  7. Etc.

What is SEO? SEO is an all-encompassing word and can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. To us it means getting found on Google without having to pay for the click. (At the end of the day you are paying someone either inhouse or outside your organization to create content so there is still an indirect cost per click). The advantage of creating content for your business is you are creating an asset that will deliver website visits for the foreseeable future and if this occurs you will get phone calls from people seeking addiction treatment.

Smart Drug Rehab Marketing is Multi-Channel Marketing

As any investment advisor will tell you it is smart to balance out your investment portfolio and not bet heavy on a couple of stocks or mutual funds. The same can be true of picking your ad sources for your drug rehab. Ideally you want calls/leads coming in from multiple different channels. Let’s put them in 3 groups:

  1. Online/Offline Channel
  2. Paid Channel
  3. Referrals Channel

In the online and offline world, you can get leads from SEO, PPC, E-mail, NAP, Local Search, Social Media, Television, Radio, Newspapers and more. If you are getting TV, Radio and Newspapers we are assuming you are getting “free press,” in these “ad sources.” While they are not really ads they are driving traffic to your website and your call center.

On the paid channel you can get traffic and leads from both online and offline. You can buy ads on Facebook, Google and Bing for example. You can also by ads on television, radio, outdoor and newspapers for example. Buying paid ads are a smart way to go when your census starts to falter and you need to throttle up the activity and the calls into the call center.

On the referral side of the equation you can get a number of referrals from several different sources. It is recommended if you have sales people that they are compensated via W-2 on a salary basis. Also having referrals come in from interventionists, psychiatrists, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, clergy, other treatment centers, sober living houses is another great way to keep the beds full. Just be careful and make sure you consultant an attorney who is familiar with the patient brokering laws in your state of operation when it comes to compensating your referral partners.

New Addiction Bill Passed In Maine – What Does It Mean?

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Drugs And Money-New Addiction Bill Passed In MaineIn January, the Maine House and Senate passed a groundbreaking bill to tackle the epidemic of drug overdoses and addiction in the state.

How The $3.7M For Addiction Treatment And Overdose Is Divided

While the bill establishes that $1.2 million will fund 10 positions for drug investigators in the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, more attention is being focused on the fact that $2.5 million will specifically target addiction treatment, with $900,000 being used to establish and operate a drug detoxification within the state. Additional funds will be used to fund projects operated by jails and local police departments to connect drug users with treatment and recovery programs as an alternative to incarceration.

The $2.5 million in the bill earmarked for addiction treatment will be drawn directly from the Medical Uses of Marijuana Fund, which is funded from fees charged to medical marijuana dispensaries and state-licensed caregivers. These funds are certainly making many within the addiction treatment industry to take notice.

Critics Of Maine’s Addiction Bill

Although the bill had bipartisan support, there has been criticism over certain elements of it. Some believe that Maine’s addiction problem is far greater than many realize. Thus, the amount provided in the bill will not be sufficient to make a substantial dent in the growing problem. Others have complained that the bill contains no specific funding to expand medication-assisted treatment using drugs like methadone and buprenorphine. Because many believe that medication-assisted treatment is the most effective option for addicts, this “oversight” in the bill has created substantial controversy with some within the addiction community.

What Still Needs To Be Done

While Maine is taking proactive steps to address the devastating effects of drugs within their state, other fundamental steps need to be taken there and throughout the United States. These include:

  • Doctor-Maine’s Addiction Bill-Online Drug Rehab MarketersIncreasing evidence-based prevention and education within schools.
  • The development of more recovery support systems in local communities.
  • Help individuals in recovery reclaim their lives after addiction by assisting them in finding education and/or employment opportunities.
  • Address issues that create an unhealthy stigma for those who suffer from addiction.
  • Ongoing efforts to identify and fill holes in getting addicts the help they need.

Stay Updated On The Latest News Affecting Addiction Treatment Providers

Expert Online Drug Rehab Marketers

Only time will tell whether or not the addiction bill passed in Maine will generate more exposure for the problem of drug addiction. To stay on top of the latest news and information affecting your treatment center and to get the support you need with expertly-designed, industry-specific marketing, call America in Rehab today. Our expert online drug rehab marketers are some of the industry’s best. Call us today!

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Why Is Addiction Treatment A Hot Investment In America?

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Why Addiction Is A Hot Investment In AmericaWith the recent financial backing of addiction recovery treatment provider, Recovery Centers of America, by a New York private equity firm, investors are realizing that there are big opportunities in one of healthcare’s fastest growing sectors – addiction treatment.

Why the new infusion of capital into this industry?

Why Addiction Treatment Is One Of Healthcare’s Fastest Growing Investment Sectors In America

There are several key reasons that have made investing in addiction treatment facilities so favorable.

Changes To Policies

First, federal policy changes have made addiction treatment more accessible. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Affordable Care Act have been slow to take effect, but many more people now have the insurance coverage they need to obtain addiction recovery services.

Lack Of Resources

The second reason why addiction is shaping up to be a strong investment in many parts of the U.S., is the current shortage of facilities for those with mental illnesses. Despite the fact that the disease is prevalent in both men and women of all ages and that it impacts families, community safety, workforce productivity and school dropout rates, there has not been enough funding to support those in need of services.

Growing Need

Industry experts estimate that eight to 10 percent of Americans could be classified as either addicts or alcoholics. The economic impact of untreated addiction is substantial. Many calculate that $700 billion is spent on issues related to addiction, such as crime, health costs and reduced productivity. What is even more startling is that nine out of ten addicts or alcoholics do not receive treatment. As more individuals get access to the care they need, the demand for addiction treatment is expected to grow quickly.

More Acceptance

While addiction is still considered somewhat of a taboo subject, it is slowly becoming more acceptable to discuss as more people learn that it is a mental illness that requires treatment and not just a character flaw. Through awareness campaigns and more advertising by addiction treatment providers, the general public will gain greater understanding of addiction and will be more likely to get help when they need it. With the new investment capital, Recovery Centers of America are rolling out a $20 million a year ad campaign to promote their 18 treatment centers.

Why Is Addiction A Hot Investment In America

Build Awareness For Your Addiction Treatment Center

As more addiction treatment providers invest in advertising and other forms of outbound marketing, competition will become increasingly fierce to attract new clients. Having an industry-specific marketing team on your side is the best strategy for staying competitive in this rapidly-evolving industry.

Call America in Rehab today to learn more about specialized strategies for your addiction treatment center.

How To Use Videos To Increase The Visibility Of Your Rehab

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Along with other forms of online content, video is now used more than ever by drug addiction treatment centers who want to communicate their message of offering quality treatment to individuals struggling with addiction.

Yet, online video for drug addiction treatment centers is unique in the sense that it has the ability to bring the story of addiction and recovery to life. Because addiction treatment marketing is about sharing a message with someone who is vulnerable, as well as their loved ones, the one-on-one connection that a video delivers can be extremely valuable.Using-Videos-to-Increase-the-Visibility-of-Your-Rehab

Don’t Forget Other Forms Of Content

Other forms of content, such as the pages on your website, including blog posts, as well as social media posts on your social platforms are also beneficial and shouldn’t be forsaken just for developing a YouTube channel.

However, robust videos which include compelling stories of clients sharing their testimonials of recovery, should be an important part of a comprehensive marketing plan that helps individuals develop a comfort level with your drug addiction treatment center and the clients you help.

Using Videos To Increase The Visibility Of Your Rehab

Justifying The Cost Of Video

There are many recovery centers that choose not to create videos because of the cost. Yes, they are more costly than simply writing a blog post. However, they also offer a tremendous impact, in terms of both generating traffic to your site and converting site visitors into clients. It’s simply a fact that videos rank higher on search engines than static images or written content.

Getting The Most ROI On Your Online Drug Rehab Video

Whether you choose to create your own video or you work with a provider of online drug rehab video services, there are some best practices to consider.

Create An Impactful Call To Action

The goal of any online drug video is to encourage a potential client to take that next step. This requires telling them to clink the link below the video or to call for help. Your site URL should be clearly displayed in the video description and ideally in the video itself to ensure that the viewer is very clear who they should contact to get help.

Choose The Right Keyword

In the drug recovery industry, you have a large amount of treatment centers targeting a small number of select keywords. By choosing an overused keyword, your video will get lost in the shuffle. Instead, use the Google keyword tool or another keyword generating solution to find a keyword that has lower competition. Use this keyword in the tags field and in your description of the video.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Don’t take the time and money to create a video just to have it never get views. Tell alumni, friends, family and others about your video to increase its exposure. Ask them to share it, too! Remember – YouTube considers the number of views your video is getting as a sign of its relevancy.

Call The Rehab Marketing Experts

Interested in creating an online drug rehab video? Call America in Rehab today and speak to one of our industry marketing experts.

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