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Amateur vs. Professional PPC in Drug Rehab

In my experience I can say that PPC is definitely the closest thing to instant gratification in the addiction treatment marketing business. PPC can generate fresh drug rehab phone calls in a matter of 24-48 hours if you have a budget to run Google PPC traffic at your website.

drug rehab ppc management services

The challenge is drug rehab PPC is expensive. It is in the stratosphere like insurance and mortgages in Google Adwords. I have seen cost per clicks go from $75 – $150 per click in the drug rehab space.

If you are going to engage Google and Bing in a serious PPC campaign then you must know what you are doing or else I would suggest that you are completely throwing your money away. The reason I say this is because people do know what they are doing in this drug rehab PPC vertical and if you don’t you will be out gunned.

For example, one of the challenges we have in the treatment center marketing space is we get a lot of dead beat calls from people who have no money or are social security. These people are looking for *free rehab,* and they type into Google “free drug treatment” or “scholarship drug treatment.” The problem for many private centers is they cannot take clients unless they have cash money or PPO insurance.

A good amateur PPC guy will put some negative keywords into their PPC campaign like -free drug rehab center or -stated funded addiction treatment. It takes time to build these negative keyword lists.

We as professional drug rehab PPC providers have 10’s of thousands of negative keywords just in the drug rehab industry alone. What this means for you is your will get far less calls from broke prospects. The down side is you have to pay us a percentage of the Google and Bing PPC spend. The upside is your money spent will generate a return for you and will not be an experiment.

The other advantage of using drug rehab PPC professionals is we have a team of qualified people who will build your campaigns who know buying keywords and know how to write ads that get clicks. This deep experience and knowledge will help a lot. At the same time this is not a part time job for us, it is full time and if you are going to spend any kind of budget in Google you must a lot a full time team to the efforts.

What if you get a lot of calls from your PPC campaigns? What if those calls are costing a small fortune how will you know which ad groups produce admissions and which ones do not? A good professional team will assist you in this area.

Lastly, most amateurs don’t know the first thing about call tracking or call scoring which is absolutely critical is making any drug rehab SEO and PPC campaign a success. If you don’t have this dialed in you can kiss your money good bye and help Google’s stock price soar.

Are Drug Rehab PPC Management Services Worth It?

I knew we were in a competitive industry but I did not know we are one of the very most expensive sectors when it comes to keyword costs for PPC and Google Adwords.  So with costs that can run into double digits just for a single click, be prepared to spend a few bucks i.e.:

Recovery  = $42.03 CPC

Rehab = $33.59

Treatment = $37.18

Now while none of these keywords on their own offer a lot of value they in combination with a geo-target keyword just might.  For example: Boston Rehab Center or Boston Treatment Center.  Here is why these keywords cost so much.  First off there are only so many people with insurance or the cash to pay $20-$50K per month for private drug rehab.  When a center gets an admission on this type of paying client it can be very profitable.  Each additional patient adds more profits to the treatment center bottom line.

The other reason why this PPC Advertising method is so expensive is because it works and a lot of people want the instant traffic and leads that can come from Google Adwords.  With so many centers vying for the same prospect this drives up the auction price of the placement of the CPC Advertisement.

My point to this whole post is if you are going to get into the PPC game with your treatment center you mustr know what you are doing and you must be willing to make a commitment to the space.  It costs money to weather the data curve so that when we do spend on PPC we are buying the best quality and converting keywords and positions possible. For more information on PPC Management Services in the drug and alcohol addiction space please visit Addiction-Rep.