About America In Rehab with Addiction Treatment Consultants

Quick Story of America in Rehab

The original idea for America in Rehab was to get sponsors and drive around the USA and interview rehabs to find out what is really going on inside each rehab.  We were going to wrap a van in America in Rehab swag and hit the road.  The plan was to ask for sponsorship donations with as little as $2 for a cup of coffee or $10 for lunch, $50 for a tank of gas or $125 for a hotel room.  Unfortunately, we did not get the momentum we were hoping for back in 2008 however we still have the idea and eventually want to execute on it hopefully in 2020 or 2021.

Team of Drug Rehab Consultants

Since 1994 Jim Peake, founder of America in Rehab has been making a living on the internet and this was before Google and Yahoo were incorporated.  Fast forward to 2008 Jim got involved with the drug rehab and addiction treatment industry by working with an internet directory that was solely focused in the drug rehab space.  Along the way many of Jim’s clients asked for help with their drug rehab website development, SEO, PPC internet marketing, social media and lead generation.

Fast forward to 2017 many addiction treatment centers were having trouble competing in marketing their businesses against all the new investment dollars coming into the addiction treatment space.  The PPC cost per admits were going through the roof, some as high as $15,000 per admission.  Making ends meet was getting more and more difficult for the smaller providers.

Our team of drug rehab consultants help find investors who are a potential fit for drug rehabs that are seeking a cash infusion or an acquisition or a divesture.  We will help the addiction treatment center prepare their documentation, organize their financials and get their affairs in order to make the transaction a smooth one.  We have a lengthy checklist that you can request so you can begin your preparation.  We find that when 80-90% of the checklist is completed we see a sale in a matter of 2-3 months.  Once we have compiled all the information, we will assist in setting expectations on a potential valuation.  We like to say we are in a “let’s make a deal type of environment.”

We have a multitude of addiction treatment consulting business and marketing services including:

  • Addiction Treatment Lead Generation and Marketing
    • PPC, SEO, Social Media, TV, Radio and Outdoor Media Buying
  • Addiction Treatment Systems Integration Consulting
    1. Call Tracking Metrics
    2. Internal Call Center Build Outs (With staffing)
    3. Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    4. CRM/Salesforce.com è EMR è VOB è UR è Outcomes è Alumni Programs
  • Real Estate Transaction Consultants
    1. Identifying the property
    2. Getting the property zoned
    3. Getting the business licensed
  • Company Drug Rehab Financial & Insurance Consultants
    1. Writing a Drug Rehab Business Plan
    2. Writing a Scalable Drug Rehab Financial Model
    3. Getting the Policies and Procedures Completed
    4. Negotiating In-Network Insurance Provider Contracts
  • Billing
    • Advanced Addiction Treatment Billing Services & Consulting