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Drug Treatment Marketing – How addiction treatment has entered into a new phase

In 2011 I have been approached by a handful of companies who are in the “traditional lead generation” business. The handle leads for “For Profit Education” businesses, mortgages and insurance. Since drug rehab is in a similar space because we have a “big ticket” product that can cost upwards of $10,000 per month and in some cases $50,000 per month we have now attracted “the professionals” in the big time lead generation space.

What does this mean for the mom and pop treatment center with 20-40 beds? It just means that your cost of generating leads online might have just gone up and/or it just might have gotten a little bit more difficult. It also means that you will want to continue to diversify your lead sources and refine them so that you are not constantly having to scramble to keep your census full.

It also means “opportunity” to get onboard with a “professional lead generation” provider and establish the relationship early. The reason you want to do this is because the cost of the leads will start to go up. They will go much higher as time goes on and the more that the leads are qualified.

Know your customer. Just having a lead come in that is someone who needs help for drug rehab is not enough. We need to find out where they are located, if they have cash money, if they have insurance if they are ready for rehab and drug treatment. Too often I see leads that are what I call “tire kickers” who aren’t really serious about getting addiction treatment and just want i9nformation on the next nearby AA or NA meeting.

Think about it for a minute, if you have a prospect who has raised their hand and says they have $20,000 and that they are ready to go into detox in the next 3 days and they have insurance this is probably a person many treatment centers want to speak with. Then there are the other considerations like dual diagnosis and their gender and their history and age etc. If you want help with generating leads for your business visit Addiction-Rep for a comprehensive list of services. Also know that I can bring you professional drug addiction treatment leads in abundance.

Adwords Blame Game

After coming back from the West Coast Symposium and NAATP one of the things that came to light was the blame game. Treatment Centers blaming other treatment centers for their internet practices like buying keywords on their branded names, which is legal according to Google. I can buy a Google Adwords keyphrase that has the name of another treatment center. What I can’t do is use their NAME in my Google Adwords Ad. (In most cases)

So let’s set the record straight. Stop blaming and start learning. I picked two keywords “beachside” and “mountainside” since they are both descriptive and could both appeal to a treatment center customer. When I punch them into Google you will notice Promises.com comes up first on the example below.

Why? Because they bought the keyphrase Treatment Center. They did not buy the name Beachside Treatment Center. Notice how Google highlights the two words Treatment Center. If you don’t like this practice call Google and complain to them and stop blaming and accusing. They set the rules, Promises or any other paid Google Adwords treatment center does not.
Now if you really want to have some fun type into Google Jo Blow Treatment Center, or better yet Cancer Treatment Center. What do you get? Do you get SOMEONE trying to rippoff their names? Hell no!

The same thing happened to Apple.  They bought the keyphrase Games and Apps and their PPC ad showed up for Sex Game Apps!