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Why Is Addiction Treatment A Hot Investment In America?

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Why Addiction Is A Hot Investment In AmericaWith the recent financial backing of addiction recovery treatment provider, Recovery Centers of America, by a New York private equity firm, investors are realizing that there are big opportunities in one of healthcare’s fastest growing sectors – addiction treatment.

Why the new infusion of capital into this industry?

Why Addiction Treatment Is One Of Healthcare’s Fastest Growing Investment Sectors In America

There are several key reasons that have made investing in addiction treatment facilities so favorable.

Changes To Policies

First, federal policy changes have made addiction treatment more accessible. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Affordable Care Act have been slow to take effect, but many more people now have the insurance coverage they need to obtain addiction recovery services.

Lack Of Resources

The second reason why addiction is shaping up to be a strong investment in many parts of the U.S., is the current shortage of facilities for those with mental illnesses. Despite the fact that the disease is prevalent in both men and women of all ages and that it impacts families, community safety, workforce productivity and school dropout rates, there has not been enough funding to support those in need of services.

Growing Need

Industry experts estimate that eight to 10 percent of Americans could be classified as either addicts or alcoholics. The economic impact of untreated addiction is substantial. Many calculate that $700 billion is spent on issues related to addiction, such as crime, health costs and reduced productivity. What is even more startling is that nine out of ten addicts or alcoholics do not receive treatment. As more individuals get access to the care they need, the demand for addiction treatment is expected to grow quickly.

More Acceptance

While addiction is still considered somewhat of a taboo subject, it is slowly becoming more acceptable to discuss as more people learn that it is a mental illness that requires treatment and not just a character flaw. Through awareness campaigns and more advertising by addiction treatment providers, the general public will gain greater understanding of addiction and will be more likely to get help when they need it. With the new investment capital, Recovery Centers of America are rolling out a $20 million a year ad campaign to promote their 18 treatment centers.

Why Is Addiction A Hot Investment In America

Build Awareness For Your Addiction Treatment Center

As more addiction treatment providers invest in advertising and other forms of outbound marketing, competition will become increasingly fierce to attract new clients. Having an industry-specific marketing team on your side is the best strategy for staying competitive in this rapidly-evolving industry.

Call America in Rehab today to learn more about specialized strategies for your addiction treatment center.

Hiring Addiction Treatment Counselors – Link Building SEO

Here is an idea for link building from a different perspective. If you are hiring Certified Mental Health Professional’s i.e.CMHP’s you want to make sure that they are open to writing, are good at it and if writing is not their thing make sure they will allow themselves to be video taped.

In my experience in working with drug addiction treatment centers one of the best ways to generate new business is through the internet. What the Internet requires is content. The users want quality content. The families seeking addiction treatment do research, a lot of it. The more high quality information that you can put on your website the more likely it will be found.

The problem for many addiction treatment centers is that their Certified Mental Health Professional’s or addiction treatment counselors find themselves too busy too either write or talk about their craft. The treatment centers that have C.M.H.P.’s who write and are willing to be in videos can have a significant advantage with their marketing if they are willing to publish this information on their websites. As a matter of fact if I owned a treatment center I would make it mandatory for every CMHP or addiction treatment counselor to write at least 1 article per week and publish at least 1 video per week for the website.

If you customers are passionate about your content they will share it. If they share it you get links. If you get other websites and social media sites linking to you, Google likes this. If Google likes this then they will push up your SEO rankings. If this happens you will see more traffic on your website. If you see more traffic on your website you will get more phone calls. If you get more phone calls you will see more business in your addiction treatment center. If this happens you don’t have to pay as much money to addiction treatment marketing consultants to help you with your SEO and lead generation.

Once you get a system down for publishing this type of content it is like brushing your teeth once per day, it is no big deal. Not only will Google like this but your customers will like it even more. I often hear that customers say “you’re that guy in the videos!” And when you say “yes” it is like an instant creditably connection, which is TRUST, which is what brings in customers in every business. You already know what their problems are but they don’t know you, unless they have met you on the website videos.

Chris Rene – X-Factor 2011 Clean and sober for 70 days

Every now and again we see some really heart warming addiction treatment stories. We all have our stories. While this is a feel good story that connects way deeper than just addiction alone, it connects with life. Here is a young man, Chris Rene who has recently beat his alcohol and drug addiction and is a trash hauler for a living. Chris auditions for X-Factor and scores big time. Obviously he is a talented singer, song writer and composer. But what I think will capture most people is his authenticity. Everything about him is real. I think Simon nailed it when he said I think we need you. Simon, what the world needs right now is the truth. Chris Rene is 100% real, this is why he should go far.

Treatment of Substance Abuse – a different approach

Why does it seem when the USA declares “War on This……or War on That…..whatever this or that is always seems to grow out of control….take for instance illegal drugs. It seems we have been fighting this war for decades now and it seems like it keeps growing and destroying lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all agree that this is not working and that there might be a better approach to get results? One such country is doing that and it is Portugal. Less drug usage, less crime etc. So if it is working over there why wouldn’t we try it over here in the USA?

I have my opinions on it but I’d much rather hear your opinions on how to get this scourge under control. At the same time we have the prescription drug industry running a muck and I wonder if that is a coincidence or by design? There is an interesting article by the Cato Institute that I share below in the video.

I’m on the receiving end of the phone calls helping treatment centers market to addicts and helping addicts find the right fit for themselves with their addiction. There is really nothing more painful than a parent who calls seeking help for their son or daughter and we’ve had a few who have 2 kids on IV drugs who need treatment simultaneously. This destruction of families seems needless to me if there are others who seem to be making progress towards a better result with treating addiction by legalizing drugs.

What is Addiction Recovery? An Unknown Thank You!

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend the West Coast Symposium in Addictive Disorders hosted by C4 and Recovery View. The conference went extremely well in my opinion and it was a huge success for their first symposium on the West Coast with about 75 exhibitors and close to 400 people. This will now be the annual sister symposium to the Cape Cod Symposium.

While I’m not a clinical person or a therapist I thought I would share this little experience with the folks who actually do the real work in drug addiction treatment and recovery. A lot of times one might ask “what is addiction recovery?” Well I think I have a really good example of what addiction recovery is.

While spending my final night at The La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs something interesting happened to me. I was having dinner by myself at the Adobe Grill Mexican Restaurant. There at the bar I had bumped into a couple of guys I also ran into at the pool. We had a good conversation that led into many topics including golf, oil, politics and addiction and the usage here in the USA. These two middle aged men were well educated golfers who came to La Quinta for their annual guys trip (about 80 guys) from all over the USA.

The conversation ended, they walked out, I was finishing up my dinner. The one guy walked back in about 45 seconds later to thank me. (I did not get his name and I will most likely never see him again). I asked him why was he thanking me? He said because I like what you are doing, some people in the addiction recovery business had touched someone in his life that was near and dear to him and helped them successfully recover. He then gave me a heartfelt hug, never met this guy before, don’t know his name but I can tell you for sure that the folks in our business ARE making a big difference in many people’s lives. I happened to be on the receiving end of the hug, but really the big hugs go out to those who are making the real difference, thanks for everything that you do!