The Right Tracking: What Tracking Your Drug Rehab Website Needs

Tracking Your Addiction Treatment Calls and Campaigns

Modern digital marketing is all about tracking where your dollars are spent and determining which sources are providing the best return on investment. This helps you address problem areas before they become a complete drain, in addition to just making better marketing decisions going forward.

These factors are why we suggest setting up call tracking software for your addiction treatment website and all other marketing assets. When the calls start pouring in, you’ll have a more vivid idea of what’s motivating callers. Other benefits of call tracking include:

  • Letting you know your average call time
  • Letting you know exactly where people are calling from
  • Giving you an idea of which days you’re receiving more calls than others
  • Letting you know which calls are coming from your website, social media, online or offline ads, etc.
  • Giving you a sense of whether your admissions staff is getting too many or too few calls, as well as if they are closing enough of those calls

Why Do I Need Different Tracking Numbers?

As we alluded to before, you need to know which of your sources are generating calls. If you set up call tracking but use the same new number across all of your marketing assets, it does you no good.

Your dedicated landing pages should have a different number than your main website, which should have a different number than your social media accounts and any offline ads you have placed, such as a billboard or in a magazine. You could even assign a tracking number to some of the most prominent individual web pages on your site, and different numbers for your profiles on different social media platforms, if you really want to be able to discern what’s inspiring the calls.

The software lets you track all of your phone numbers in depth, giving you great insights into when the calls are coming, how long they last and which numbers are being dialed most. Once you know which assets are succeeding and which ones aren’t, you can make adjustments to the ones lagging behind and push even harder with the ones that are doing their job as they’re supposed.

Why Can’t I Just Have a Social Tracking Number?

If you make the upgrade to call tracking, you’re going to want to do more than simply getting a different phone number for social media than you have for your website. You should go more in depth than that.

When you create dedicated landing pages that are separate from your website’s main navigation, you definitely need to give them their own tracking number. The same goes for each individual offline ad you place. If you have subscribed to call tracking, you might as well make full use of it!

Like we said earlier, you could even set up separate call tracking numbers for all of your social media accounts. Your number on Facebook could be different than it is on Twitter, than it is on Instagram, etc. If you really want to get into detail about which social media sources are inspiring calls to your treatment center, you would set up different numbers for each account.

Goal Tracking in Google Analytics

In addition to call tracking, we recommend using Google Analytics for your website to see if it’s truly providing a boost to your rehab business or just taking up time and resources. In Google Analytics, you can establish goals and see if you’re meeting or exceeding them. You even have the option of establishing a monetary value to the conversion, to which you then try to hit a certain number by the end of the month.

Not only can the Google program help you track how many leads your website has elicited, but you can also see which pages are earning most of the views, as well as how many pages the average visitor looks at on your site and how long they stay on site.

When using both call tracking and Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see if there’s a dichotomy between page views and calls elicited when looking at individual pages. If that situation arises when you’re tracking results, you’ll know which pages to touch up first – so that they can start producing a proper volume of leads.

Knowing Where Your Marketing Dollars Are Making You Money

No matter which line of business you’re in, you should be well aware of which marketing assets are providing a positive ROI. If you’re pouring money into something, you should know what it’s returning. Whether it’s positive or negative, once you have your answer, you’ll be able to make smarter marketing choices going forth.

Using Google Analytics and getting set up with call tracking gives you the power to see what the real numbers are. Both services take away a lot of the guesswork that comes with marketing and advertising an addiction treatment business, or any kind of business, for that matter. You have to take a deep look at what you’re doing well and where you can improve. It’s one of the great tenets of effective marketing.

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