The Right Team: Who You Need On Your Rehab Marketing Team

Professionals Who Specialize in Marketing Addiction Treatment Centers

You can close your eyes and point to just about any marketing agency in a phone book (or on a Google search page, most likely) and find a team that’s competent in digital marketing and SEO. But, how likely are you to come up with a team that has experience in addiction treatment center marketing? And not just a little bit of experience, but several years of working within the industry?

At America in Rehab, we not only pride ourselves on cutting-edge online marketing techniques, but we collectively boast nearly 30 years of experience in marketing various drug and alcohol rehab centers across the U.S.

We have come to understand what appeals to those who suffer from the disease of addiction and are looking for help in the form of a structured treatment program. We also understand that sometimes it comes down to directing your marketing to the parents or spouses of addicts, since those suffering from addiction are often too proud, shy, afraid or stubborn to seek help for themselves.

We’ve come to learn the opportunities and dead ends that arise within addiction treatment marketing. We can quickly spot if your treatment center has had the wrong focus with its marketing efforts, and we’ll help you change course and take the right steps toward making more admissions. Additionally, we can evaluate if your treatment center could be promoted to a larger market than simply the town or state in which it resides.

We Aren’t Just Another Marketing Agency

As you can see, enlisting the help of just any ol’ marketing agency or SEO company will not do. You’re not serving up a physical product to consumers, and the addiction rehab industry is quite different than other health care entities. America in Rehab understands online marketing and what that means for organizations within the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry.

Meet the Key Players of America In Rehab

America in Rehab was founded nearly 10 years ago by marketing veteran Jim Peake, who now leads a team online marketing professionals who boast several years of experience working with drug rehab centers all over the country.

Who Is Jim Peake?

Jim is love, power and energy. His mission is to guide and assist others to realize abundance in their lives and to do so with appreciation. Jim is the leading management and marketing consultant in the addiction treatment space. He has worked with hundreds of drug rehabs in his career, primarily on their marketing and advertising strategies.

Today, Jim spends the majority of his time helping a select few drug rehabs with their branding, SEO, PPC, Website Development, Social Media and TV campaigns. In short, Jim helps drug rehabs generate qualified leads for their businesses.

In 1982, Jim started out in the direct mail direct response industry and transitioned to the internet in the mid-1990s. By 2007, the addiction treatment field had earned the majority of Jim’s attention. The following year, he formed and branded Addiction-Rep. Jim now spends 85% of his time in the addiction treatment space today.

Jim lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts and is a single dad to a young adult. He enjoys fishing, kayaking, bike riding, camping, sailing and mentoring others to see opportunities when others might not see them. Jim has completed more than 500 hours of live personal development work on himself and hundreds of hours reading and listening to other mentors, all of which has been helpful while working in the addiction treatment field.

Jim’s Right-Hand Man: Brian Frye

Brian Frye is a tech expert who takes charge of all of our client’s online assets, including website upgrades and security. Brian has nearly 20 years of experience in internet marketing, as well as website development and online technologies.

Early in his career, Brian launched one of the earliest versions of a service that shortens and redirects URLs. The site,, debuted in 1999, well before similar services like and hit the scene.

Brian holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. In addition to his role at America in Rehab, Brian owns Magna Technology, LLC, a website development and maintenance company that serves numerous small- and medium-sized business entities, including addiction treatment organizations.

Today, Brian resides in Bolton, Massachusetts and enjoys pursuing his passion for computer technology while strengthening his background in web development on behalf of his valued clients. He puts his education and acquired skills to use in building and managing custom marketing campaigns that incorporate the latest in internet technology.

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