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How to Search for a Drug Rehab on Google

How to Search for a Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center on Google

In order to seek addiction treatment it is best to have cash or insurance. If you don’t have money then you need to use words like Medicaid, State funded or Government funded addiction treatment programs in your searches. (Do NOT use FREE DRUG REHAB, you will be wasting your time). Addiction treatment is not cheap. Professionally trained people are required along with room and board if you are going to enter a residential treatment facility.

There are state funded treatment facilities of which I do not have a lot of experience. Some do take Medicare and Medicaid and the best way to find them is to go call the 800# on your Medicaid or Medicare card and ask them how to find an approved treatment center.

This web page is designed to assist the user or the family member to better help them in searching on the web for a specific type of treatment center that will fit their needs either residential or outpatient drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Since I live in Massachusetts we will use Massachusetts as an example in several of our geo-targeted searches. Your results will be better if you are able to put in a state or a city when doing your searches. I know for a fact that there are several drug rehab centers in Malibu California and Delray Beach Florida so in a perfect world we will find the Google places pages with the local search results for treatment centers in these specific towns or cities.

The more keywords you put in your search string the more likely you will find a better result in exactly what you are looking for.

Residential drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts
Residential addiction treatment programs that take aetna insurance in Massachusetts
Residential addiction treatment programs that take aetna insurance in Malibu California
Residential addiction treatment programs that take aetna insurance in Delray Beach Florida
outpatient addiction treatment programs that take aetna insurance in Massachusetts
outpatient addiction treatment programs that take aetna insurance in California

If you are broke and have no money then try this:

Call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 800-662-4357

Or Try

state funded drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts

If you have Medicare or Medicaid you need to call them and ask them where you can get assistance. Look on the back of your card and call the 800#.

Medicaid funded drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts
Medicare state drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts

Using the following keywords will really help you

Treatment Centers
Treatment Programs
Treatment Facilities
Drug Rehabs
Drug Treatment Programs
Drug Treatment Facilities

What is addiction – What low competition keyword phrase is searched on 6 million times per month?

If you are looking for something to write about in your next blog post this might provide some ideas. Why not start the blog post with the title of “what is addiction?” Did you know that this keyword is searched on over 6 million times per month globally? That is a big number, especially if you are trying to reach people who want a better understanding of what addiction really is. Better than writing an article why not create a video and talk about “what is addiction?”

Because this is such a big generic keyword the competition is low in terms of trying to rank for it. However, if you are an addiction treatment center trying to rank for addiction related keywords it will help you generate addiction treatment leads over the long haul. Trying to rank for addiction treatment center or addiction treatment center in Florida is extremely difficult.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a strategy but a little tactic that might possibly get you some additional addiction treatment web traffic. If I were creating a new SEO strategy for a client I most likely would not have this keyword phrase in the keyword strategy list. But as we all know Google always wants more original content and we all can write reams on “what is addiction?” Take a look at how many millions of pages are indexed in Google for this keyword phrase, over 187 million! So the chances of actually ranking on the first page are next to impossible keep in mind if a keyword has a lot of volume there are chances that Google keyword alerts will deliver this keyword term to many people’s inbox on a daily basis. Here is proof on the numbers of search results has in their index.