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How To Use Videos To Increase The Visibility Of Your Rehab

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Along with other forms of online content, video is now used more than ever by drug addiction treatment centers who want to communicate their message of offering quality treatment to individuals struggling with addiction.

Yet, online video for drug addiction treatment centers is unique in the sense that it has the ability to bring the story of addiction and recovery to life. Because addiction treatment marketing is about sharing a message with someone who is vulnerable, as well as their loved ones, the one-on-one connection that a video delivers can be extremely valuable.Using-Videos-to-Increase-the-Visibility-of-Your-Rehab

Don’t Forget Other Forms Of Content

Other forms of content, such as the pages on your website, including blog posts, as well as social media posts on your social platforms are also beneficial and shouldn’t be forsaken just for developing a YouTube channel.

However, robust videos which include compelling stories of clients sharing their testimonials of recovery, should be an important part of a comprehensive marketing plan that helps individuals develop a comfort level with your drug addiction treatment center and the clients you help.

Using Videos To Increase The Visibility Of Your Rehab

Justifying The Cost Of Video

There are many recovery centers that choose not to create videos because of the cost. Yes, they are more costly than simply writing a blog post. However, they also offer a tremendous impact, in terms of both generating traffic to your site and converting site visitors into clients. It’s simply a fact that videos rank higher on search engines than static images or written content.

Getting The Most ROI On Your Online Drug Rehab Video

Whether you choose to create your own video or you work with a provider of online drug rehab video services, there are some best practices to consider.

Create An Impactful Call To Action

The goal of any online drug video is to encourage a potential client to take that next step. This requires telling them to clink the link below the video or to call for help. Your site URL should be clearly displayed in the video description and ideally in the video itself to ensure that the viewer is very clear who they should contact to get help.

Choose The Right Keyword

In the drug recovery industry, you have a large amount of treatment centers targeting a small number of select keywords. By choosing an overused keyword, your video will get lost in the shuffle. Instead, use the Google keyword tool or another keyword generating solution to find a keyword that has lower competition. Use this keyword in the tags field and in your description of the video.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Don’t take the time and money to create a video just to have it never get views. Tell alumni, friends, family and others about your video to increase its exposure. Ask them to share it, too! Remember – YouTube considers the number of views your video is getting as a sign of its relevancy.

Call The Rehab Marketing Experts

Interested in creating an online drug rehab video? Call America in Rehab today and speak to one of our industry marketing experts.

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Where is the Drug Rehab Industry Heading? What is Vivitrol?

Jonathan Todd Barlow  Founder of

Jonathan Todd Barlow

I really did not have a grasp on Vivitrol until I spoke with Jonathan Todd Barlow. In this short interview with Jonathan Todd Barlow, founder and developer of RecoveryMaps he discusses the reality of drug rehab. Where it is going. How addiction can be managed with alternative drugs. The pain of locking one up in a long term drug rehab or an extended stay drug rehab centers really is not working that well. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jonathan over the past few years and I think what is is doing is radically different.

Jonathan is an outside the box thinker and I believe that he is truly making a strong effort in providing a different solution than the traditional 30 day residential drug rehabs. We will be revealing more of our interview with him in the coming days/weeks.

While Jonathan criticizes the 30 day drug rehab model for it’s faults he backs it up by providing a real world solution with his RecoveryMaps solution. At the same time he does believe that there needs to be stabilization of the addiction and that can be detox or rehab and it is different for each person. Also he says that the different treatment techniques work for some and not for others.

Having managed and overseen hundreds and thousands of cases Jonathan does have a command on the addiction subject. You will get the feeling that he does know what he is talking about when he discusses the Vivitrol subject. What I really love about his thinking is he is actually doing something about the problem of relapse and addiction vs. just talking about it. We don’t see that too often in today’s world.

Drug Rehab Leads – Adobe’s State of Online Advertising Report

After reading this report I believe that Adobe releases a couple of pieces of information that we already know but just don’t do enough.  What every advertiser needs to do is tell a story.  I’m guilty because I don’t do it enough for my own business.  But because we are in the treatment business we have a lot of great stories to tell.    Each one of them very different for we have all walked different but similar paths.  We as advertisers and publishers all have to do a much better job at story telling.  What your your thoughts on this?  Are you doing it?  Do you have a story to tell?  Do you want me to publish it for you and link back to your website?  We can and will do that.

Adobe State of Online Advertising

If there is a single secret to success in advertising a drug rehab business online this just might be it. Tell a great story and use video. Develop TRUST. TRUST converts.

Here is a link to the entire Adobe report and it is a fast digestible read. Hope you enjoy it. If want help with your treatment center marketing visit Addiction-Rep or call Jim Peake at 781-990-8844.

Online Video Communication for Addiction Treatment Centers

In this video I have cued it up to share with you the importance of video human communication. Just 7% of human communication is through the actual words and 93% of human communication is NON VERBAL, body language to be specific.

If we are going to tell a compelling story with our addiction treatment center then we really have to use video. Video can be our USP. Many centers are still not using video and some of the ones that are aren’t even doing it well. If we are going to use video we might as well do it well. As you can see in the above clip 93% of communication is NON VERBAL so this is why is it so important that we use video in allowing the families to meet our staff and listen to our alumni who have been through our treatment center.