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Two common ailments of alcoholics and drug addicts are pain and anxiety.  If you have not already learned there is a new therapy/treatment that can help people reduce their pain and anxiety called “floatation therapy.”  The concept is simple.  Hop into a “pod” that has 10” of water loaded with Epsom salt and some hydrogen peroxide and surrender to all sensory inputs and relax for 90 minutes.  Each flotation room was sound proof.

Addiction treatment centers are always trying to provide different amenities to set themselves apart.  Some examples are: yoga, pet-friendly, equine therapy, massage, sauna, aroma therapy, acupuncture, neurofeedback to name a few.  Some might have better results than others. So far, we have not found many of the amenities covered by insurance.  All that said Flotation Therapy might be just the ticket for many people seeking addiction treatment for their anxiety and pain management.

You will be able to focus on your breathing and begin meditation while literally floating in the universe with all of your muscles completely relaxed, unlike being in the ocean.  It is similar to being in the ocean but 1,000% more relaxing and you are literally floating in only 10” of water/salt.  The room had lights that turned off once you went into the pod.  If you got out of the pod the lights automatically turned on.  There was a light button inside the pod as well.

We visited FLOAT8 Wellness Lounge in Deerfield Beach Florida for our first float experience.  We met owners Matt & Destiny Beck who were extremely kind and helpful in sharing their hospitality and knowledge with the Floatation experience.

There are showers in each pod room.  Ear plugs were provided so the water and salt did not enter the ears as well as the ability not to hear outside distractions.  The pod door easily lifts open.  For those who are claustrophobic you can leave the pod door open a few inches and never close it.

The author only lasted 30 minutes of the 90 allotted for the experience because he has Psoriasis and the salt irritated the skin but the other 2 participants lasted all 90 minutes and came out completed refreshed and relaxed.  Our recommendation for many of the addiction treatment centers within a 30 minute drive from Deerfield Beach is to schedule some time with Matt and Destiny and work out a group rate for your drug rehab and test it out.  We feel even though there might be an added expense the rehab can pass the expense back to the patient.

Maybe at some point the Flotation Tank Association can work with the insurance companies to get CPT Codes so they can bill third party insurance companies for their services.  It might be a stretch but it is something worth exploring so that the potential growth could be explosive for the Flotation Therapy Industry.

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