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Setting Drug Rehab Marketing Expectations

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Here comes some truth telling you won’t hear from some other marketers in our drug rehab addiction treatment industry. Addiction treatment marketing is hard work. Drug rehab itself is hard work. In both disciplines are moving targets. With moving targets we have to pay attention all the time. Drug rehab like drug rehab marketing is a lot like putting in golf. What I mean by this is if you are trying to make a 30 foot but on a green that slopes to the right you better aim the ball 6 feet to the left and have just the right velocity on it in order to get it close to the hole. Getting it in the hole is HARD!!!

La Quinta Resort and Club

Here in lies the problem. You need to get an admission and I need to get you the phone call. Getting the ball close to the hole or the lead on your website is not good enough. Getting the caller to almost book the flight to your drug rehab is not good enough, it is not an admission! I need to get your website visitor to call and you need to get them to admit….PERIOD end of story! If we both don’t do this we fail.

So now we know this is a moving target and it is hard work what can we do to improve our odds?

Improving Drug Rehab Marketing Results:

1) Answer the phone by the second ring!
2) Make sure your website is getting good grades. See Web Page Test. Did you pass or fail? Call me if you are failing.
3) Build Trust – starting with a great brand. Does yours look like it was made by a 6th grader or a Madison Avenue professional? Trust makes the phone ring.
4) Add in depth profiles and pictures of your staff devote a page to each person. People do business with people they know like and trust…..PERIOD.
5) Write, write, write and write some more. When you get done with that then create videos. Create even more videos. Post content to your website every day. Yes every day.
6) What to do when the phone is not ringing? See step 5 and repeat. Repeat again. Build your authority on your website. Users are looking for great content.
7) Speak at your local high schools and college. Get links from them.
8) Get in the news. Get PR, get press. Don’t know how to do this, get some free PR training here.

Setting Drug Rehab Marketing Expectations:

Unfortunately in the drug rehab space more and more new money is coming in. With the new money it creates a challenge for us all. If you have a NEW 20 bed facility here are some guidelines for a $25K per month admit.

$10K per month marketing budget – you are kidding right?
$25K per month marketing budget – you are getting warmer but you will not fill all your beds
$50K per month marketing budget – same here as the $25K budget

20 beds times $25K per month = $500,000 in revenue PER MONTH (Guess what is a reasonable budget is to fill these beds? If you don’t know call me 888-405-0051).

SEO expectations – better be able to wait a year to see 5-7 consistent monthly admissions
PPC expectations – you will see some good admissions returns in the first 3 months but be ready to spend what it takes

Even when you have a decent budget and you have hired your marketing team are you helping them supplement their content with additional content from your staff? This needs to and must happen. When hiring new hires make sure they can write and speak in front of a camera. We all gotta create more content. This is what Google and the users want. When the content is good it is shared and when it is shared in links or social media circles Google takes notice and gives you credit!

Hiring Addiction Treatment Counselors – Link Building SEO

Here is an idea for link building from a different perspective. If you are hiring Certified Mental Health Professional’s i.e.CMHP’s you want to make sure that they are open to writing, are good at it and if writing is not their thing make sure they will allow themselves to be video taped.

In my experience in working with drug addiction treatment centers one of the best ways to generate new business is through the internet. What the Internet requires is content. The users want quality content. The families seeking addiction treatment do research, a lot of it. The more high quality information that you can put on your website the more likely it will be found.

The problem for many addiction treatment centers is that their Certified Mental Health Professional’s or addiction treatment counselors find themselves too busy too either write or talk about their craft. The treatment centers that have C.M.H.P.’s who write and are willing to be in videos can have a significant advantage with their marketing if they are willing to publish this information on their websites. As a matter of fact if I owned a treatment center I would make it mandatory for every CMHP or addiction treatment counselor to write at least 1 article per week and publish at least 1 video per week for the website.

If you customers are passionate about your content they will share it. If they share it you get links. If you get other websites and social media sites linking to you, Google likes this. If Google likes this then they will push up your SEO rankings. If this happens you will see more traffic on your website. If you see more traffic on your website you will get more phone calls. If you get more phone calls you will see more business in your addiction treatment center. If this happens you don’t have to pay as much money to addiction treatment marketing consultants to help you with your SEO and lead generation.

Once you get a system down for publishing this type of content it is like brushing your teeth once per day, it is no big deal. Not only will Google like this but your customers will like it even more. I often hear that customers say “you’re that guy in the videos!” And when you say “yes” it is like an instant creditably connection, which is TRUST, which is what brings in customers in every business. You already know what their problems are but they don’t know you, unless they have met you on the website videos.

Drug Rehab Websites – it’s about traffic and conversions

If you are a drug addiction treatment center especially in North America you know how competitive the landscape is for business. These days almost every drug rehab that wants to stay in business has to take some form of insurance. Cash pay clients are extremely hard to come by. Google is working on an “over optimization penalty.”

What does this mean for drug rehabs with huge sites that are “over optimized?” It means that they could be endangered. It is critical that you do have websites that are structured well and optimized well. It is “my” (Jim Peake’s) belief that treatment centers need a “family of websites” that each bring their own niche focus to the table. Think of it like the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod. You want several “homes” in the same neighborhood so that when folks come by they are sure to stop in.

In doing this, many drug addiction treatment centers find it difficult to build let alone manage a half dozen or a dozen websites. My team at Addiction-Rep has come out with a customized packaged website development service strictly for the drug rehab centers. This new service/product is called Recovery Websites. We can crank these sites out in less than 30 days and amke them look beautiful at very competitive rates. We can also port over your existing addiction treatment center website to our platform, which is a managed WordPress platform. We can also fill them with meaningful and relevant content that does get noticed in the social media world.

These new websites are set up for running Pay Per Click Advertising as well as Search Engine Optimization for businesses seeking alcoholics and drug addicts. The overarching key is the tracking will be set up for you so that you know where you are spending your money and you know what is working and not working so your results will be optimal.

What is addiction – What low competition keyword phrase is searched on 6 million times per month?

If you are looking for something to write about in your next blog post this might provide some ideas. Why not start the blog post with the title of “what is addiction?” Did you know that this keyword is searched on over 6 million times per month globally? That is a big number, especially if you are trying to reach people who want a better understanding of what addiction really is. Better than writing an article why not create a video and talk about “what is addiction?”

Because this is such a big generic keyword the competition is low in terms of trying to rank for it. However, if you are an addiction treatment center trying to rank for addiction related keywords it will help you generate addiction treatment leads over the long haul. Trying to rank for addiction treatment center or addiction treatment center in Florida is extremely difficult.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a strategy but a little tactic that might possibly get you some additional addiction treatment web traffic. If I were creating a new SEO strategy for a client I most likely would not have this keyword phrase in the keyword strategy list. But as we all know Google always wants more original content and we all can write reams on “what is addiction?” Take a look at how many millions of pages are indexed in Google for this keyword phrase, over 187 million! So the chances of actually ranking on the first page are next to impossible keep in mind if a keyword has a lot of volume there are chances that Google keyword alerts will deliver this keyword term to many people’s inbox on a daily basis. Here is proof on the numbers of search results has in their index.

SEO Drug Rehab – Now is the time to optimize your web site

Tis the season to be jolly, now in the time to prepare. January is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for drug treatment centers. It seems like everyone wants to start a new leaf when the new year comes around.

Since SEO takes time to index content and have it rank between now (Fall of 2011) and the end of the year is the best time to optimize your drug rehab center website(s). The reason being is it takes time to get the content indexed in the search engines, it take times for the social media networks to spread it around. it takes time to create the content.

Drug Rehab website traffic grows by at least 30% at the first of the year every year just like clockwork. If this is so, why not invest and plant the seeds now so you can have a great start to the new year?

I work with EminentSEO and one of our strongest verticals is Drug Rehab. We’ve been doing Drug Rehab SEO for over 8 years now and collectively have over 15 years experience in Drug Rehab Website Search Engine Optimization.