Behind the Rehab Scenes: Coast to Coast

Catch up on the Latest Treatment Methods and Hear from Rehab Center Executives

Your clients see one side of your addiction treatment center – the group sessions, the activities, the facility itself – but your peers and the general public see another. Your rehab center is staying on top of the latest treatment methods and constantly improving the way it addresses the needs of clients, right?

It helps to go behind the scenes of the rehab industry, seeing what the latest buzz is about. What are the newest developments among addiction researchers and other treatment centers? How are other rehab centers presenting their unique selling proposition these days?
This section of the America in Rehab website will help you stay informed on the most recent trends and developments in the addiction treatment industry, in addition to letting you hear directly from rehab center executives from coast to coast.

Once you have a grasp of the latest addiction treatment news and marketing methods, you should start to get an idea of how to get your name out there industry-wide, including what makes your treatment center unique.

Addiction Treatment News

This section is a great resource for staying up-to-date with notable happenings in the rehab industry. Whether it’s must-see information from news articles or press releases, or if it’s a social media chat or Ted Talk, we’ll have it here for you as it relates to the addiction treatment sector. Check back here often, and stay informed of what’s abuzz in the industry!

Interviews with Rehab Leaders

America in Rehab is heading across the nation, talking to leaders in the rehab space, seeing what makes their treatment facility unique and how they’ve used marketing to get to where they are today. After watching videos of these rehab experts, we hope you’ll better understand addiction treatment marketing as well as have some ideas on how to promote your rehab center more effectively – to clients and your peers.

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