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Trade Show Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers

While this might not seem really obvious I only saw just a few of us giving away iPads and Kindles at the recent 2012 NAATP Leadership Conference in Phoenix. Why would anyone want to do that? Because if you are trying to meet new people and prospective customers we might as well capitalize on the opportunity of the concentration of prospects at the “trade show” itself. I think we captured over half of the attendees business cards at this conference.

iPads Generate Business Cards

Usually at the end of most of my posts I tell people to call me for questions, however I’m not going to do that on this post. What I will say though is to go down to your local Apple Store and get and iPad or two and go have some fun at your next trade show!

Many treatment centers get their business from other treatment centers so attending and exhibiting at industry conferences can be profitable. However, if you are looking for other ways to generate admissions you can visit Addiction-Rep for more information on lead generation for your center.