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What is Addiction Recovery? An Unknown Thank You!

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend the West Coast Symposium in Addictive Disorders hosted by C4 and Recovery View. The conference went extremely well in my opinion and it was a huge success for their first symposium on the West Coast with about 75 exhibitors and close to 400 people. This will now be the annual sister symposium to the Cape Cod Symposium.

While I’m not a clinical person or a therapist I thought I would share this little experience with the folks who actually do the real work in drug addiction treatment and recovery. A lot of times one might ask “what is addiction recovery?” Well I think I have a really good example of what addiction recovery is.

While spending my final night at The La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs something interesting happened to me. I was having dinner by myself at the Adobe Grill Mexican Restaurant. There at the bar I had bumped into a couple of guys I also ran into at the pool. We had a good conversation that led into many topics including golf, oil, politics and addiction and the usage here in the USA. These two middle aged men were well educated golfers who came to La Quinta for their annual guys trip (about 80 guys) from all over the USA.

The conversation ended, they walked out, I was finishing up my dinner. The one guy walked back in about 45 seconds later to thank me. (I did not get his name and I will most likely never see him again). I asked him why was he thanking me? He said because I like what you are doing, some people in the addiction recovery business had touched someone in his life that was near and dear to him and helped them successfully recover. He then gave me a heartfelt hug, never met this guy before, don’t know his name but I can tell you for sure that the folks in our business ARE making a big difference in many people’s lives. I happened to be on the receiving end of the hug, but really the big hugs go out to those who are making the real difference, thanks for everything that you do!