Treatment of Substance Abuse – a different approach

Why does it seem when the USA declares “War on This……or War on That…..whatever this or that is always seems to grow out of control….take for instance illegal drugs. It seems we have been fighting this war for decades now and it seems like it keeps growing and destroying lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all agree that this is not working and that there might be a better approach to get results? One such country is doing that and it is Portugal. Less drug usage, less crime etc. So if it is working over there why wouldn’t we try it over here in the USA?

I have my opinions on it but I’d much rather hear your opinions on how to get this scourge under control. At the same time we have the prescription drug industry running a muck and I wonder if that is a coincidence or by design? There is an interesting article by the Cato Institute that I share below in the video.

I’m on the receiving end of the phone calls helping treatment centers market to addicts and helping addicts find the right fit for themselves with their addiction. There is really nothing more painful than a parent who calls seeking help for their son or daughter and we’ve had a few who have 2 kids on IV drugs who need treatment simultaneously. This destruction of families seems needless to me if there are others who seem to be making progress towards a better result with treating addiction by legalizing drugs.

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