Adwords Blame Game

After coming back from the West Coast Symposium and NAATP one of the things that came to light was the blame game. Treatment Centers blaming other treatment centers for their internet practices like buying keywords on their branded names, which is legal according to Google. I can buy a Google Adwords keyphrase that has the name of another treatment center. What I can’t do is use their NAME in my Google Adwords Ad. (In most cases)

So let’s set the record straight. Stop blaming and start learning. I picked two keywords “beachside” and “mountainside” since they are both descriptive and could both appeal to a treatment center customer. When I punch them into Google you will notice comes up first on the example below.

Why? Because they bought the keyphrase Treatment Center. They did not buy the name Beachside Treatment Center. Notice how Google highlights the two words Treatment Center. If you don’t like this practice call Google and complain to them and stop blaming and accusing. They set the rules, Promises or any other paid Google Adwords treatment center does not.
Now if you really want to have some fun type into Google Jo Blow Treatment Center, or better yet Cancer Treatment Center. What do you get? Do you get SOMEONE trying to rippoff their names? Hell no!

The same thing happened to Apple.  They bought the keyphrase Games and Apps and their PPC ad showed up for Sex Game Apps!

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