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Drug Rehab Leads – Adobe’s State of Online Advertising Report

After reading this report I believe that Adobe releases a couple of pieces of information that we already know but just don’t do enough.  What every advertiser needs to do is tell a story.  I’m guilty because I don’t do it enough for my own business.  But because we are in the treatment business we have a lot of great stories to tell.    Each one of them very different for we have all walked different but similar paths.  We as advertisers and publishers all have to do a much better job at story telling.  What your your thoughts on this?  Are you doing it?  Do you have a story to tell?  Do you want me to publish it for you and link back to your website?  We can and will do that.

Adobe State of Online Advertising

If there is a single secret to success in advertising a drug rehab business online this just might be it. Tell a great story and use video. Develop TRUST. TRUST converts.

Here is a link to the entire Adobe report and it is a fast digestible read. Hope you enjoy it. If want help with your treatment center marketing visit Addiction-Rep or call Jim Peake at 781-990-8844.