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2012 Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blogs/Forums

2012 Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blogs/Forums

This list that we have compiled is not an exact list and we probably are missing some very good blogs and would like you to add more centers in the comments section below but this is a start for the Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blogs/Forums. The biggest criteria that we are measuring is the website traffic from Compete.com. Keep in mind that the traffic volumes being recorded also include the website traffic so it is impossible to segment only the blog traffic unless we have access to their Google Analytics. This report was recorded in June of 2012.

What is probably most interesting is that only 5 of the 10 are treatment centers and the other 5 are referral and internet marketing companies that are in the top 10 for drug rehab blogs.

#1) SoberRecovery.com is the powerhouse in the drug rehab industry of a blog/forum with a commanding lead of 180,000 unique monthly visitors. This site is constantly being updated with user content. The site is owned by Internet Brands, Inc. which has focus on other internet properties. This site is highly functional however not very attractive.

#2) ChooseHelp.com is in at 46,000 unique visits per month. Choose Help is independently owned by a web production marketing company called Martin Schoel Productions. Many of their Featured Facilities appear to be owned by CRC Health.

#3) TheFix.com 38,000 unique monthly visits is an up and coming presence in the Drug Rehab space. We think it is a kin to the TMZ of addiction. With more focus on Addiction instead of treatment and a snarky approach expect to see some growth over the next few years. This site has a tabloid paper type of feel to it.

#4) Treatment-Centers.net 34,000 unique monthly visits (Disclosure: Jim Peake author of this blog America In Rehab used to work there) is a distant third to Sober Recovery however has always been a strong contender in the drug rehab industry. Built on the Joomla platform there are many features and functions however the attractiveness factor has limitations with the platform.

#5) Narconon.org in at 28,000 unique visitors is arguably one of the biggest treatment centers operating in the USA. This site is in position #1 for treatment centers and the sites above are referral and publication type of sites.

#6) TheRecoveryPlace.net has 28,000 unique visitors is one of my favorite websites. This Florida Drug rehab is owned by The Elements owners of Promises.com. Expect to see big things from this group in the coming years.

#7) SoberForever.net is in at 11,000 unique visitors. This is the first site in this list that is a Non-Profit business. We can’t tell where they are located because they are hiding their Google Map. This blog resides on their subdomain on their main domain.

#8) SoberLiving.com comes in at 12,000 unique visits. Sober Living is a division of CRC Health one of the largest Drug Rehab Operators and Methadone Clinics in the USA.

#9 Sobernexus.com comes in at 9,000 unique visits per month. It appears that SobnerNexus is owned by people in the real estate marketing industry and is solely a referral site for treatment centers and sober living facilities.

#10) CirqueLodge.com comes in at 5,800 unique visits per month. An independent luxury drug rehab based in Utah caters to the affluent and the celebrities. Bruce Clay is their current SEO company.