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Brand Marketing for Treatment Centers

Brand Marketing for Treatment Centers

Trust is king. Trust is the single biggest converting factor for any business seeking to gain new clients. There are many components that go into establishing and developing trust. Some of these components are tangible like testimonials and client lists along with industry accreditations and awards. Some of the components are “intangible” such as branding and identity.

Branding and Identity for Treatment Centers

As far as branding is concerned it often takes a back seat not only for treatment centers but for other businesses as well. Probably the reason is it is very hard to measure and quantify. However it is the type of thing that if the brand is well done you know it and it emanates trust. You can tell there is a lot of thought and energy behind it. The quality brand logo and identity has consistency across multiple media such as a computer screen or a billboard.

Hire Branding Professionals vs. Logo Designers

In my experience I think it is all about “you get what you pay for.” When we start a business we might only plan on opening a single treatment center but over time it could grow to multiple different businesses and it could grow past just the treatment business into a sober living and detox business or maybe all 3 under the same roof but expressed as different products within the master brand. If there is potential for this to happen it would make a lot of sense to hire a treatment center branding and identity team that has experience in building master brand strategies.

Logo designers are a dime a dozen and many designers can provide high quality logo designs but really have little experience in branding and identity as well as brand extension. That said, a really great treatment center branding and identity team will do the detailed research that is exhaustive in coming up with the logo and identity. Often times this can take upwards of 4-6 weeks of research. The beauty of this is that in the long run it will pay off for you, especially as your business expands.

A well thought out brand and identity creates trust. It has been said that if the Coca-Cola Company went out of business tomorrow their brand and identity would still be worth over a billion dollars sitting on someone’s iMac. The idea is they could just resurrect the brand and the company would take off again. The point here is that there is so much trust in “the brand” that people would naturally want to align themselves with it.

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