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Alcohol Addiction – Addiction Treatment Marketing Technique

Addiction Treatment Marketing Technique Using Twitter

If you want more traffic to your Twitter ID and to your web site this is a handy little addiction treatment marketing technique I use all the time. Make sure you insert your keyphrase into the post if it is not already in there. You will see that if you do a search on Twitter you will see Alcohol Addiction in the search results posts. What this will do is make your post more visible to the users on Twitter.

When more people who are searching on Alcohol Addiction they are more likely to find your post, when this happens it also creates an opportunity for the user to click on one of the two links in your Twitter profile and go back to your site. While this might seem like minutia if you do it often with your core body of keyphrases you use in PPC and SEO chances are they will click back to your addiction treatment center website, then of course you have the possibility of getting a phone call from someone whom you can help.