Phone Tracking Inbound Drug Rehab Leads

It is super simple to save a bunch of money and start tracking where your inbound phone calls are coming from. Keeping track of your Call Tracking Metrics is absolutely critical for the success of your business both long term and short term. The reason why it is so critical is because if you are spending money on Billboards or Google Adwords don’t you want to know which one works better? If you are buying keywords in Google Adwords don’t you want to know which ones work better for admissions? (i.e. Drug Rehab vs. Drug Rehab in Florida?)

Not only can you track Google Adwords and Billboards but you can track any media including Twitter and Facebook and more. I really like the phone tracking software by Call Tracking Metrics for all drug rehab leads.

If you want help setting this up on your website give me a call at 781-990-8844 or click on the button below.

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