Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Using Google Local SEO

This is arguably the smartest way to the top of Google and it is free, use the Google Places formerly called Google Local Business Center to add your business profile. It is my understanding that many folks also call this Google Maps. If you have multiple locations you will want to add your addiction treatment center to the free Google Local Business Center in each location. If you have a center on main street and another sober living facility in the next town you want to create two listings, even if they are the same name, you have two locations and two physical buildings of operation, use this to your advantage on Google.

Where this comes in really handy is in some of the larger treatment areas like Delray Beach Florida where dozens of treatment centers are located. Try this, type into Google treatment centers in Delray Beach Florida. You will see multiple local listings in Delray Beach.


So too if you type in treatment centers in Marblehead, MA you will see http://www.americainrehab.com come up first. You can either send the user to the Google profile or directly to your web site. Try this in your local town and see who is listed there. You might find no one. So make the move now and get listed!

I recommend that you fill out the Google Local Business Center to 100%. This means you add at least one great video and up to 5 videos per listing, (read again, please add a great video) a web URL, phone, location, multiple images, coupons, keyphrases, a strong description and make sure you tell your clients to give you reviews. This is a great way to pass around positive feedback, however it is also a way to pass around negative feedback, so make sure that you are ok with being transparent. In the long run it should pay off for you.

How to rank for local listings? Make your listing “relevant.” What this means is make the listing with your major keyphrases like Teen Drug Addiction Treatment Center. I would try and go for the keyphrases that really fit your strong suit in business. Just putting in treatment center or drug rehab is not as effective.

Here is an article that does an even better job of explaining what I just told you above. Better Rankings for Google Local Search.

Jim Peake is an internet marketing consultant with special focus on the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry. He helps treatment centers improve their web presence and in lead generation online as well as offline. He uses advanced SEO and PPC direct response advertising for addiction treatment search engine marketing

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