Direct Response Treatment Center Website Review

Since the beginning of 2011 it has gotten much more competitive in the drug addiction treatment space to acquire more qualified visitors to our web sites. Because it has gotten so difficult and not to mention expensive with a capital E we might as well make the most of the website traffic we have coming to our site. In this florida drug rehab treatment center they have done a very good job of asking the website visitor to take 6 actions above the fold.

1) click on the video
2) call for free consultation below video
3) fill out a web form below the video
4) call in upper right
5) fill in e-mail for free report
6) check to see if they accept your insurance
7) learn more with 4 more links

Keep in mind that they also have their trust icons above the fold. Trust is the single biggest reason for conversions. While this is only a homepage review I like it a lot and would imagine that with this kind of engagement their is potential to secure conversations with clients and improve conversions.

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