The Right Leads: Different Types of Drug Rehab Treatment Leads – Not All Leads are Equal

With so many addiction treatment centers in the marketplace all competing for paying customers you can easily figure out that finding and landing a paying client is a big deal. We will attempt to share with you some of the different types of drug rehab leads and which ones tend to be higher quality than others and why.

Bought Drug Rehab Leads – Fast and Expensive

Bought drug rehab leads can come in many different forms. For example, they can be “internet leads” coming from referral websites often times directory sites. They can be SEO or PPC leads. They can also come from radio and television advertisements. The good news about these leads is they are plentiful. The bad news is they are typically generic. The caller knows nothing about your addiction treatment facility or clinic. This requires the admissions person or the call center to try and convince the caller that their rehab is the best place for the caller. The biggest problem with many radio and television leads are the callers are tire kickers and are making an impulse call vs. doing research and actually learning the best facility for loved one who is an addict.

Even a bigger problem for bought leads is the cost. They are expensive. The calls can come with something called “buffers.” Buffers are time slots like 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 120 seconds. Basically, the idea is the admissions person has up to 30 or 120 seconds to qualify the caller to see if they have insurance or the ability to self-pay for their treatment. The longer the buffer the more expensive the call or the lead. Expect to pay $50 -$250 per call.

Drug Rehab PPC Leads – Google, Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click Leads

Here is another group of leads that can provide the addiction treatment center with “instant gratification” in the leads department. It is easy to turn on PPC leads and get the phone ringing in a matter of days. If you don’t know what you are doing it will cost you a small fortune. These leads are bought on a pay per click basis, not on a pay per call basis. If a Google user clicks on your ad it can cost your rehab $5 – $125 per CLICK! This not even a lead or a call to your rehab. Google reshuffled the deck in 2017 by limiting the inventory and the keyword volume that rehabs can purchase since so many rehabs and affiliates were engaging in deceptive practices in trying to gain new clients. Expect to pay $50 to $500 per call. (We’ve even seen some inept rehabs pay $1,000’s per call).

Drug Rehab SEO Leads –Best Quality Leads and Hardest to Come By

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEO is the “long game.” In other words, SEO is all about creating digital assets on the website. Assets like infographics, videos, e-books, white papers in-depth blog posts interactive quizzes and more. These digital assets add value to the website. These assets tend to be “evergreen” content. Meaning, content created today will generate calls tomorrow and into the next several years. You know you are really good at SEO content when other people share your content organically on the social networks. Expect to pay $5 – $100 per lead or call and there are literally hundreds of factors that will play into the costs.

Drug Rehab Chat Calls and Leads – Largest Growing Drug Rehab Lead Category

Chat leads are excellent for engaging the website visitor without asking them for a large commitment like a phone call or filling out a web form. Chat leads can be just as valuable as SEO leads because the drug rehab can collect a lot of information to take the prospect to the next step. The key here is to man the chat on the website. You can do this inhouse or outsource. Either way you need someone with a good script or experience to help the user to the next phase. Expect to pay somewhere similar to the SEO leads.

Drug Rehab E-Mail Leads – Super High-Quality Leads

Multi-Channel marketing includes email leads. All great marketing programs generate leads / calls customers from multiple different channels. Some channels are better than others however just like an investment portfolio you want a strong blend of leads coming in from multiple different sources. When a family or an addict signs up for your email list they are instilling trust in your company and your brand. They may not actually be in buying mode along their journey but in research mode first. However, when the email lands at the right time and there have been multiple different touch points with the family when they do make the call it tends to be the call that is a VOB or an admission call. Hard to put a cost per lead on email leads. The point here is if your are driving traffic to your website you want to list build and capture those names and email’s.

Drug Rehab Social Media Leads – Social Media the Untapped Lead Honey Pot

Generating leads on social media can be more art than science. We are seeing a lot of success with Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Some of these groups and pages can go viral and it is important that you have a marketing automation and CRM program in place to manage the volume. In all cases trust is the single biggest factor in getting people to raise their hand and ask for help from your rehab, especially on the social networks. The social networks also help in terms of SEO rankings as well. Google is paying attention to the number of followers, quality of friends, likes, shares etc. Expect costs per leads to run anywhere between $10 – $75 per lead in the social media category.

Drug Rehab Referral Leads Are the Gold Standard

Getting leads in from alumni, interventionists, board addiction psychiatrists, other treatment centers are the absolute best because they are basically WOM or word of mouth. It is very hard to put a price on the leads because it can take years or development to build the relationships. So, if you are going to hire a sales person make sure that they do have these relationships already in place.

Bottom Line For Drug Rehab Leads – Make Sure Your Business is Capitalized

Invest in building a “lead generating engine” for your drug rehab vs. paying for or buying leads. Building a multi-channel marketing effort with SEO, Social Media, Chat, Email and referrals is the smartest way to feed your business consistent revenue on an ongoing basis akin to teaching a man to fish. At the same time building a lead engine takes time and is not done overnight and can sometimes take a year or more to really crank up the volume.